Afroschnitzel is the collaboration of Vienna-based musician / producer Ayotheartist and Frankfurt-based producer / DJ Mohig


Afroschnitzel is the sonic brainchild DJ / producer Mohig and producer-percussionist Ayotheartist.

They first met on an international boarding school in the Czech Republic, back in 1996. Quickly they became friends, realizing having a similarly eclectic taste in music. Soon thereafter starting to create their own sample based hip hop and leftfield beats with an Akai S20 sampler.

Heavily influenced by golden era rap culture as well as the urban UK Jungle movement, their unique combination of live MCing and percussion with Mohig DJing established quite a reputation back then. Word spread and they were getting frequently booked and garnered attention from a Sony representative.


After years of studying, working in London, Vienna, Hamburg and Frankfurt, it was 2013 when Ayo aka Ayotheartist and Moritz aka Mohig decided to re-group and form Afroschnitzel. They started to work intensely to incorporate organic sounds and jazz elements as opposed to strictly synthesized music in their productions.

Afroschnitzel released their first two albums independently via Bandcamp and SoundCloud, getting some major response from all over the globe. In January 2017, they produced the ‘Womb of Libation’ EP – inspired by Yoruba culture and many other afro vibrations with a Western, European twist.

The release generated underground buzz. Unexpectedly, they were signed to the renowned Afro House imprint MoBlack Records. Now they’re played by DJs like Laurent Garnier, Gene Farris, Kiko Navarro, Paco Osuna, Rhythm Staircase, Gene Farris, Souldynamic, Phaze Dee, Till von Sein, DJ Pope, Tony Montoya, Simon Groove and many more.

On February 17, 2017, their track ‘Spoiler Room’ charted number 1 on the iTunes dance charts in Kenya.

Afroschnitzel are in a constant process of making new underground vibes. Traveling between Vienna and Frankfurt, they meet on weekends to create fresh tracks and perform on selected venues. The future holds more releases and an unpredictable performance schedule – simply bright musical prospects for the duo.





AFS in full effect



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